STEM subjects (Science, Techonology, Engineering and Mathematics) have been traditionally thought of as heterosexual, masculine fields and the thought of this can be quite intimidating for those just starting out in the field who don’t fit this mold.  This project showcases LGBT people in the STEM fields, showing the diversity of people that can be found in roles all across the STEM disciplines and hopefully providing some role models for people who are either at a junior stage in their careers, or who are only currently considering the possibility of going into a STEM field.

The future of Science relies on innovation, and the way to get it is to make sure that people from all walks of life enter the profession.  LGBT individuals are an important part of this diversity.

We hope to showcase individuals from all over the world.  Have a look at the map to see how we’re doing so far (not everyone on the map has a profile on the blog because we are aware that it is not possible for some people to be out, but they would still like to be counted).



If you are interested in finding more about the difficulties LGBT people can face in STEM fields and the work that is going on to combat this. Follow the links:

Queer in STEM, A national survey of sexual diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (USA)

NOGLSTP, National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (USA)

OSTEM, OSTEM – Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (USA)

Pride in STEM – A charitable trust run by an independent group of LGBT+ scientists & engineers from around the world.


8 thoughts on “About LGBT STEM

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know more about future meetings/conference/gatherings. Where can I find this information ? It is not clear on the lgbtstem website.

    I am interested to attend future events.


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  2. Is LGBT STEM doing any specific attempts to make connections with lgbt+ people of colour in stem? I would love to read profiles from people of colour in STEM, especially by women and gender-variant/ trans scientists.


  3. I love that this event exists it’s incredible! Would love to see further engagement with LGBT* STEM students. They have a tremendous drive and passion which can help further the voice of the community. Also food for thought, can we avoid exam periods, was gutted to miss this year’s STEMinar


  4. Where are all the ‘STEM T’s” this all seems to be LGB orientated, I am trying to persuade the biggest nuclear company in the UK to send me and an ally to 2018 STEMinar, and wondering if I’ll be welcome.

    Also seems to be very much weighted on the academic side is it?


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