Have you ever wondered about the people behind the big scientific breakthroughs in the news? Have you ever wondered what their lives are like when they leave the bench? Or have you just assumed, like the media as historically done, that they either fit the stereotype of the scientist who has no life, who is married to their work, or that they have a nice heterosexual marriage and 2.4 kids to go home to at night?

Narratives about scientists tend to ignore people who don’t fit one of those molds.   This blog is here to help change that and particularly to show that LGBT people are present in STEM fields.

Often, the assumption is that a work place should be about the work and this seems to be particularly true in STEM fields. “Why do we need to know about who you sleep with?” the refrain goes. But it’s not about who you sleep with, it’s about who you live your life with and have you ever worked somewhere where people didn’t talk about what they did at the weekend?

So read through some of our blog posts, read about some of the exciting work that’s being done by LGBT people in STEM fields all across the world and help us show the world that STEM is more diverse than much of the media would have us believe.

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