An Interview with James Gregory

Current Job: Senior Developer at epiGenesys Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Sheffield.11138126_775552252543040_103054475460850302_n

Scientific Discipline/Field: Software Engineering

Country: UK

Pick some letters (L,G,B,T,Q etc.): G


What does your job involve?

Many things! I’m a software developer by trade, so my job mostly revolves around speaking to customers, investigating the problems they want us to solve, and then building web information management applications that solve those problems.
Part of my role is also to support the fourth year teaching of the Genesys module in Computer Science, and to provide systems administration support for all of the servers and software at our company.

How did you get to this job (education etc.)?

When I was at university in Sheffield, I studied the Genesys module as part of my four year MEng in Software Engineering, so got to know a number of the staff who worked at epiGenesys. A few years after I graduated, I was asked to come and work for epiGenesys, and jumped at the chance of moving back to Sheffield and working at the University.

Do you feel being LGBT has affected your career decisions?

I don’t think so. I’ve wanted to be a software developer since I was a teenager, and coming out while I was at college didn’t affect that decision. Working within the university environment means that I don’t have to hide who I am.

Have you had any reactions from colleagues about being LGBT, either good or bad?

I don’t think I’ve ever had any bad reactions from colleagues – everyone that I’ve told throughout my career so far have been supportive of it.

Did you have any role models growing up (LGBT, STEM, totally unrelated…)?

I’ve just been thinking of answers to a similar kind of study, but related to being LGBT and a fan of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider games. I suspect that Lara Croft is something of a role model for me – she’s a strong, independent character who has had to find her way in life despite adversity. Plus she’s quite the climber – something I aspire to be!

What are your plans for the future?

If I have any, I’m not aware of them at the moment(!) haha!

Personally, getting married to my fiancé and raising a family with him.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m pretty active on Twitter so give me a follow if you’re interested in knowing what I’m getting up to – @jamgregory

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