Applications open for hosting #LGBTQSTEMinar22

With the upcoming LGBTQ+ STEMinar 2021 at the University of Oxford, we will have hosted 6 annual events in a row. As the pioneering conference which has brought the LGBTQ+ community in STEM together, we are now looking to draw up the plans for the next step in this journey.

We are calling for applications for hosting the LGBTQ+ STEMinar 2022, with the optimism of a physical conference which can bring this community together once again.


When we first came together more than six years ago, this was the vision we had: 

The conference is designed for people who work or study in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and are LGBTQ+. We aim to use the day to show case work from diverse fields and to encourage collaborations between different departments, Universities, companies and subjects. We also welcome those who may not identify as LGBTQ+ but wish to discover and support the work that LGBTQ+ people are doing.

We continue to maintain this founding vision; however strive to broaden the diversity and inclusion of colleagues who bring intersectional identities and experiences. 


Since then, the STEMinar conference has been hosted in Sheffield, York, London, and Birmingham. Here in the LGBTQ+ STEM team, we are especially keen for this conference, our flagship event, to travel more broadly around the UK. 


STEMinar conferences are a one-day conference; usually taking place on the second Friday of January, with a symposium-style programme and a post-conference networking event. Conferences in the past have been run with the support of sponsorships from learned societies, STEM institutes and hosting organisations on a not-for-profit model. LGBTQ+ STEMinar conferences will continue to be free for attendees; and we want future events to consider new and more inclusive ways of improving accessibility, including efforts such as travel bursaries and captioned visual media. 


For the format and size of the LGBTQ+ STEMinar, please see the links to previous STEMinar conferences here.


You can submit an application via the form here. For inquiries, please get in touch with either email ( or Twitter (@LGBTSTEM). Applications will close at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

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