LGBT STEM in the Media

The problem of improving LGBT visibility in STEM subjects is gaining more momentum. When it hits the news, you can find the links here:

On being queer in STEM – Sister STEM, 24/07/2018

500 Queer Scientists raises the visibility of queer scientists – The Advocate, 19/07/2018

Social Change Maker: Robbie Bonelli – Careers with STEM, 18/07/2018

“Categories aren’t these things that are just there”: An interview with the CLEAR Lab’s Queer Science Reading Group – LadyScience, 16/07/2018

Letter to the Editor: LGBTSTEM Day – The Daily Campus, 16/07/2018

The First International LGBT STEM Day – Women in Science: Past, Present and Future, 13/07/2018

My time out in astrophysics – In The Dark, 13/07/2018

A walk on the Pride site – Chemistry World, 12/07/2018

Remembering queer scientists who made history to celebrate LGBTSTEM Day – Pink News, 05/07/2018

What You Need to Know About the First LGBTSTEM Day –, 05/07/2018

Ontario Science Centre celebrates first ever International Pride in STEM day – CBC, 05/07/2018

When will science come out of the closet? – Daily Xtra, 05/07/2018

LGBT STEM Day: Celebrating Diversity Across Industries and Fields of Research – Interesting Engineering, 05/07/2018

#LGBTSTEMDay: Celebrating the diversity of science – The Physiological Society, 05/07/2018

#LGBTSTEMDay profiles: Tyler Kelly, Kelly Boothby, Frederike Moon, Trevor Lanting – Telus Science Centre, 05/07/2018

SWE Assists in LGBTQIA+ Research – Society of Women Engineers, 05/07/2018

5 July marks the first International Day of LGBT+ People in STEM – National Physical Laboratory, 05/07/2018

The Department Christmas Party – Ian Stott, British Ecological Society, 05/07/2018

The Weals, Woes, and Weaponisation of Gayness in Ecology – Lewis Bartlett, British Ecological Society, 05/07/2018

So it’s #LGBTSTEMDay… so what? – Dr Ben Britton, 05/07/2018

Hidden diversity steps out from the closet – Royal Society of Chemistry, 05/07/2018

Why LGBT+ representation matters in science – Institute of Cancer Research, 05/07/2018

Why #LGBTSTEMDay matters – Osnat Katz, 04/07/2018

Pride in STEM – MicrobeBlog, Society for Applied Microbiology, 04/07/2018

Professor who described the gay community as ‘promiscuous, reckless and obscene’ to join University of Cambridge – indy100, 04/07/2018

LGBTQ scientists are still left out – Nature, 03/07/2018

LGBT STEM Day: Time to Talk About It – From the Prow, AGU, 03/07/2018

Make your personal queer science manifesto – not just for scientists; British Science Association (no date)

Almost 30% of LGBT+ young people choose to avoid a Stem career; Computer Weekly, 28/06/2018

Celebrating the Hopkins LGBTQ+ Community at Baltimore Pride 2018 – Biomedical Odyssey, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 27/06/2018

Visibility matters: A conversation with the co-founder of 500 Queer Scientists – Science, 26/06/2018

In Praise of Hashtags – AGU Blogosphere, 25/06/2018

Breaking Through the Ice: LGBTQ+ Visibility in Stem – Union of Concerned Scientists, 22/06/2018

Why I joined #500queerscientists – The Conversation, 21/06/2018

Girls and LGBT+ people still less likely to pursue careers in science and technology, study suggests – Indy100, 21/06/2018

Pride in STEM: new International Day to promote LGBT in field – Attractions Management, 21/06/2018

Engineering has an LGBTQ+ representation problem – here’s how to fix it – Create Digital, 20/06/2018

Celebrating Pride: The LGBT Icons of STEM – Springpod, 19/06/2018

Why we’re celebrating the first international day of LGBT in STEM – Prospect, 13/06/2018

#TakeUpSpaceTuesday: Being Out in STEM – VanguardSTEM, 12/06/2018

These labs are remarkably diverse — here’s why they’re winning at science – Nature, 06/06/2018

What’s It Like to Be Queer in STEM? – SciAm Voices, 20/04/2018

What’s it like to be an LGBTQ person in STEM? – Silicon Republic, 17/04/218

Announcing the first LGBT STEM Day – Royal Society of Chemistry, 15/03/2018

STEM is losing male LGBQ undergrads – Science, 14/03/2018

Pride in STEM education – Government Europa, 02/03/2018

#LGBTscience, El hashtag que está uniendo ciencia y LGBT – Zona Gay, 19/02/2018

Out and About STEM: Why visibility of LGBT scientists is important – The Biochemist Blog, 14/02/2018

EAB2017: A Time to Shed Light on Equality and Diversity in Academia! – Journal of Ecology blog, 25/01/2018

A symbol of pride: raising the rainbow flag – British Museum Blog, 03/07/2017

Being queer in the jungle: The unique challenges of LGBTQ scientists working in the field – BMC Blog Network, 28/06/2017

Is science too straight? – Boston University Research Blog, 15/06/2017

Diversity in Science Post Brexit – Digital Science, 12/04/2017

Where are all the LGBT scientists? Sexuality and gender identity in science – Science in School, the European Journal for Science Teachers, 27/03/2017

Coastal Pride: An LGBTI women’s experience of coastal geoscience – Women in Coastal and Geoscience Engineering, 20/03/2017

How Queer Scientists are shaping their future with a survey – Wired, 26/07/2016

Why scientists should march with Pride – The Guardian, 01/07/2016

Coming out in STEM – Royal Society of Biology Blog, 16/02/2016

Much to be proud of – Chemical & Engineering News, 15/02/2016

On being a Queer Primatologist – Evopropinquitous, 16/01/2016

Why the LGBTSTEMinar succeeded and was needed – The Lab and Field, 16/01/2016

Trans researchers are struggling to stay in science. That has to change – Wired, 17/12/2015

Queer in Stem, Genes to Genomes – 24/09/2015

A Professor write ‘I look like an LGBT Engineer’ – The Guardian, 22/09/2015

Why is Science So Straight? – New York Times, 04/09/2015

Here Are Some Antidotes to Science’s Old White Guy Problem, – Wired, 24/07/2015

Queer Laboratory Life: Recognising the work of LGBT scientists – News Republic, 29/06/2015

Rainbow Science – Ecsite: Spokes, 01/04/2015

Gay academic: ‘I came out to all my colleagues in an email’ – The Guardian, 09/01/2015

Diversity: Pride in science – Nature, 16/09/214

Diversity in STEM: What It Is and Why It Matters – SciAm Voices, 10/09/2014

Jack Andraka Shows LGBT Youth Being a Gay Scientist Isn’t Just a Theory – The Advocate, 19/08/2014

Why aren’t Lesbian and Bisexual Engineers coming out? – DIVA, 05/08/2014

Third of gay engineers hide sexuality from colleagues – The Engineer, 23/07/2014

No sexuality please, we’re scientists – Chemistry World, 01/04/2014

Professor David K Smith’s Flagship lecture on LGBT Scientists – University of Liverpool, 03/2014

Gay prejudice? It’s not easy admitting you’re … a scientist – The Guardian, 14/02/2014

Equality: Standing out – Nature, 08/01/2014

LGBT Scientists find varying acceptance in academia, industry – Minnesoto daily, 17/10/2013

Queer Science: LGBT Scientists Discuss Coming Out at Work – Bitch Magazine, 16/10/2013

Empowering LGBT Scientists – Medill Equal Media Project, 20/08/2013

Queer Science, from Alan Turing to Sally Ride – International Business Times, 28/07/2012

Navigating the heteronormativity of engineering: the experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual students – Engineering Studies, 06/02/2011 [$$]

If you’ve seen an article recently that is missing, please let us know.


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  1. Back in 2012, the Olympic Torch made its way round the UK, and arrived in Manchester where it was handed over above the statue of Alan Turing on the centenary of his birth. There was a lot of press coverage highlighting Turing’s remarkable talents as a mathematician and pioneer of computing, and his terrible treatment at the hands of the British authorities following a conviction for gross indecency.
    Two years later, in 2014, a report was published by CaSE (the Campaign for Science and Engineering) entitled ‘Improving Diversity in STEM’. This report pointed out that the UK needs thousands of trained scientific personnel, and one way of recruiting them would be to address the perceived image of STEM as being a bastion of wholesome white maleness.
    The report runs to 47 pages and gives chapters to disability, ethnicity and gender: but carries not a single mention of ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘LGBT’ or ‘sexual orientation’.
    Does this silence indicate that the authors were unaware of the LGBT personnel currently working in science; or did they imagine that the report would not be approved if it did make reference to any gay-related issues?


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