LGBTQ+ STEMinar 2016

1st LGBTSTEMinar – January 15th 2016

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Photos by Claire Brand (please email if you would like copies)

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The LGBT STEMinar was held at the University of Sheffield on the 15th January.

“The conference is designed for people who work or study in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and identify as LGBT. We aim to use the day to show case work from diverse fields and to encourage collaborations between different departments, Universities, companies and subjects. We also welcome those who may not identify as LGBT but wish to discover and support the work that LGBT people are doing.”

The tweets from the day have been collected in a storify.

Invited Speakers

University of York 2011

Professor Dave Smith

Professor of Chemistry, University of York




Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon

Professor of Enterprise and Engineering Education, University of Sheffield
Director of Enterprise Education, University of Sheffield
Faculty Director of Communications and External Relations, University of Sheffield


Short Talks

Alex Bond, RSPB – A legacy of mice and men: the unnatural history of Gough Island

Daniel Brink, Lund University – Improving the Tolerance of Baker’s Yeast to Bioethanol Process Conditions by Adaptive Evolution

Alfredo Carpineti, Imperial College London – Smashing Galaxies

Tristram Wyatt, University of Oxford – The smelly mystery of human pheromones

Calvin James Smith, University of Reading – An experience of delivering unconscious bias training to STEM undergraduates

Jimi Cullen, University of Oxford – Drugs plus drugs equals… better drugs? Maybe?

Charlotte McCarroll, University of Glasgow – Runx1 deficiency protects against adverse cardiac remodelling following myocardial infarction

Robert Farley, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – A new methodology for the radiotherapy treatment of patients with left sided breast tumours.

Jonathan Lawson, CRUK – Fighting cancer with crowdsourcing

Ruth Mills, Connect Advertising – Agile – a better way of collaborative working

Derek Wann, University of York – Making molecular movies

Joseph Razzell Hollis, Imperial College London – Organic Photovoltaics: Plastic Power

Scott Davidson, University of Sheffield – Arctic methane emissions: The role of vegetation

Kirsty Flower, Imperial College London – Epigenetic predictions of sexuality – fact or fiction?


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